SIRO-3966 [First Shot] [Small-faced Beautiful Girl] [Hairdresser's Egg] A Beautiful Girl With A Healing Face Who Looks Good In Berry Shorts. She Violently Hits Her Beautiful White Body Like A Doll. [First Shot] AV Application On The Net → AV Experience Sh

SIRO-3966 2019-10-23 65min
JAV Idols

Film Introduction

The subject of the first shoot today is Yuuki, a 21-year-old fair-skinned beautiful girl who aims to be a hairdresser. Her delicate body is like a doll, and she has a well-made face. She responds to the interview while fidgeting her hand, probably from nervousness. (*I candidly talk about her life when she was a student, but if you know her, please keep it a secret.) She has slender and beautiful legs. She has a slightly strange propensity to get excited when a handsome guy licks her toes. She is shy, but if you continue to caress her more, her hairless pussy will overflow with her love juices. She says, "It feels good.." When the penis is inserted, she speaks a cute voice and obscene words. When he is poked from behind her, she looks like she's about to cry and gasps. She has sexual intercourse with the man she met for the first time. She stares into the camera with her hazy eyes...

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