SIRO-3999 [First Shot] [Beautiful Goddess Of Takamine's Flower] [Fair-skinned Skin] A Beautiful Woman Working At A Certain Department Store Exposes Her Beautiful Skin And Gasps For The First Time In A Long Time.. [First Shot] AV Application On The Net → A

SIRO-3999 2019-11-18 66min

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Film Introduction

The subject of today's first shoot is Suzu, 22 years old, who sells cosmetics at a certain department store. She says that she is interested in beauty and fashion. Her skin is really beautiful, and her eyes are glued to the slender legs that extend from her short skirt. When I asked about her part-time job and club activities during her school days, and about her personality, she seemed to have loosened up, and she said, "I came to do something naughty today." She also talks about her long-awaited sexual circumstances. Even when the camera approaches her, she shoots her beautiful skin and slender body, every corner, and when she takes off her clothes, her beautiful breasts are exposed. Her nipples gradually harden as she continues to play with them. If you stick out her butt, her secret part will protrude from her obscene T-back. She can't bear to endure it, and if a man sucks it, she makes a cute voice and pant. She then carefully licks her swollen man's stuff with her long tongue. When her big cock is inserted, she says, "It's warm.." She feels the cock for the first time in a long time in her vagina and raises her pleasant voice. Abdominal muscles that stand out from a thin body. “No. A jumpy climax straddling a man. She puts out a lot of her horny voice and exposes her foolishness... *Some audio is restricted for information that can identify individuals.

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