SIRO-4178 [First Shot] [Plump Peach] [Confused And Embarrassed] A Developing JD Who Has Only Had Student Sex Is Gradually Addicted To A Big Cock. Applicant Amateur, First AV Shooting 147

SIRO-4178 2020-05-18 65min

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Film Introduction

The subject of today's first shoot is Nonoka-chan, a 22-year-old university student with a graceful atmosphere. She has already decided her place of employment, so she applied for this shoot in order to climb the stairs to adulthood. She is a down-to-earth girl who says "her favorite type is a sincere person", but she is often swept away by one night because of her kind personality. A man's caressing begins while humiliating the developing JD who just finished her first experience two years ago. "How long are you going to do that?" she said, as she had little experience, she couldn't stand her sticky torture. She tastes a plump and delicious peach butt, and as she stimulates her clean hairless pussy, her expression changes to a glossy color. She screams at her hand man and writhes. Surprised by her excited big cock ○ Po she is puzzled saying "Are you licking ..?" Obedient Nonoka-chan says, "I don't hate it.." While serving the penis in an obscene appearance. Then she inserts her cock hard into her slimy tight pussy, hardened by her eager service. Inexperienced JD, whose breath is getting rough with the feeling that reaches the back of her vagina, feels her face distorted with pleasure. She who is entwined with her man "I like this..feeling.." It seems that she liked the pleasure of the big cock that gradually gets used to it. In the middle of her cowgirl position, she says "I don't know how she moves!" Nonoka-chan is puzzled by the first intense sex in her life, "Is this normal?" Only the sound of her flesh hitting and the words that tell her pleasure resound in her closed room.

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