200GANA-3031 Seriously Soft, First Shot.2041 "I Don't Need A Boyfriend!?"I Can't Beat The Charm Of Chi -Po!From The Drench Wet, The Joy Juice Overflows And The Glossy Voice That Has Been Suppressed Echoes In The Room!

200GANA-3031 2024-05-25 62min

Film Introduction

Today's pick -up location is one of the best entertainment districts in Tokyo, Ikebukuro!
I would like to get a girl in this city, which is ranked high in the town ranking I want to live in!
Ikebukuro is a terminal station from various cities, such as Saitama and other northern Kanto and West Tokyo!People are also crowded.
It is Nampa's rule to aim for a place with many men and women of all ages!
The heart that I can't afford ...!
Under the cold sky, I will do my best!

I called out, but there was no one who stopped my feet.
Well, it's still early, and weekdays ...!
It is a difficult condition for picking up ...!
In the daytime on weekdays, everyone is out with some kind of errands ...!
Meanwhile, a woman who stopped her feet!

Minami who is doing medical affairs in Tokyo!
I came to Ikebukuro for shopping today!
This is no longer a fate ...!
Go to the interview room while saying that you are in good shape when you meet!

To the topic of the male relationship that you are most interested in while chatting!
Do you need a man!?And a shocking remark!
Is it that kind of person ...?When I asked, I was relieved that I didn't need a boyfriend.
I don't seem to understand the meaning of fixing it to one person!Lol
This is a lot of play ...!
If this happens, it will be the same even if you increase one!
Let's add it to one of Chi -Po!

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