300MIUM-310 [Amateur Wife, Nampa During Life! ] The Couple's Relationship Is Harmonious! But In Fact ... Frustration Enough To Get Super! The Exalted Wife Shows Off Her Nipple And Clitoris Masturbation Instinctively♪

300MIUM-310 2018-08-12 73min

Film Introduction

◇The pick-up area this time is a certain high-end residential area in Tokyo♪ I'm nervous because there are so many magnificent houses on the left and right lol.Then, I called out to Yuzuki, a beautiful married woman with an impressively glamorous body (26 years old). ) ♪ We live right next door ♪ We can be seen walking around this high-class residential area ♪ ① We have been married for 5 years. Her husband is a French chef. Apparently he is a first-class chef who runs several restaurants♪ Although he has no plans to have children, his wife's relationship is very harmonious♪ His wife's smile is full of confidence and happiness♪ ② His wife was suspicious, but he tricked her with his skillful words. , I managed to get home! He tells her random astrological stories that he doesn't know about, such as the placement of furniture and the color of the interior, and guides her into having sex. ③ From the conversation about nightly activities with her husband, I found out that the wife was worried that the number of nights she spent with her husband had decreased recently. As I gradually close the distance, my wife refuses with a laugh. She snatches her lips at once and fondles her voluptuous breasts while intertwining their tongues. She says, "No..." but doesn't resist much. ④He licks her from her fingers to her toes, then rolls up her knit, moves her bra, and licks her nipples! Her face was dyed red and I could tell she was excited. If you tease her pussy while teasing her, she will twist her hips and ask for it herself. A wife who spreads her thighs exaggeratedly and masturbates. The clitoris with the right hand, the nipple with the left. It's horrifyingly erotic that he's doing it of his own free will! ! She cums properly lol. Then, a lewd remark "I want to suck it..." spills out of the wife's mouth, and she instinctively gives a rich blowjob! It's even more erotic because she stuffs her cheeks with just her mouth without using her hands! The wife's sexual desire is completely liberated! It's dangerous to give off too much sex appeal! Husband, I'm sorry. I put it inside my vagina lol

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