PARATHD-3043 Would You Light Up Mao Hamasaki 's Pussy With A Vibrator? A Sightseeing Tour Of Tokyo And She's Horny The Whole Time

PARATHD-3043 2020-11-06 115分(HD版:115分)

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Film Introduction

◆ Mao Hamasaki enjoys sightseeing in Tokyo with an electric vibrator! ? When the charge runs out, let's invite a Shi Uto man to the hotel and charge it! Of course, thank you with your body...! Shitamachi Squirting Festival Mao Hamasaki challenges sightseeing in Tokyo while enjoying herself with an electric vibrator! ◆According to the rules of this program, you can only go sightseeing for 5 minutes x the number of times you hit with an electric vibrator. Alright, let's enjoy downtown Tokyo! Oh, I forgot to mention something important. This electric vibrator is rechargeable. Moreover, in order to charge it, I had to invite the male I met in the city to the hotel! ◆Thanks for charging, of course Mao Hamasaki's body. Let's enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo by serving men!

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