JUL-966 I Went Home To Visit My Family Home For 3 Days, And Spent Some Time With My Former Classmate, A Girl I Used To Love, Who Was Now A Married Woman, Losing Ourselves In A Frenzy Of Lovemaking, In This Video Record Of Our Lust. Rio Kuriyama

JUL-966 2022-05-20 121分

Film Introduction

For the reunion, I was returning to my hometown far away. At the park of memories, I met up with my first love, Rio, who became my best friend's wife, and headed to the venue. I felt nostalgia and loneliness for Rio, who had become someone else's. Rio also seemed to have the same feelings as her, and after the first party, she invited me to her house to break up and confessed that her best friend was having an affair. I made an excuse that I wanted to save Rio, who was in sorrow, and we put our lips together as if to bring back those days...

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