SPRD-1203 The Reason I Got Married At My Age Was Because Of My Son... Maiko Kashiwagi

SPRD-1203 2019-10-10 113分(HD版:113分)

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Film Introduction

Maiko fell in love with a younger man and developed a love relationship with him. However, Maiko was troubled by her mother's opposition to her dating a younger man, but she married a divorced man she met for some reason. When she met her male son, the younger man was sitting in front of Maiko, who said it was nice to meet you. Yes, Maiko married his father because she wanted to live with the younger man no matter what. My wish came true and the three of us started living together. Maiko who was held by him for the first time in a long time on the night when her husband who drank heavily was asleep. She was in a state where she couldn't speak. How many days had passed since then, and Maiko couldn't make love to him. She was cleaning his room when she caught a pillow in her eye. She gently hugged her and felt that she was hugging him. She became impatient Maiko indulged in masturbation. However, Maiko made a certain determination in her unsatisfied feelings.

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