WAAA-244 I Missed The Last Train After Drinking At Work And Stayed Over At My Lady's Boss's House, But I Found Out That I Had Premature Ejaculation And From Friday Night To Monday Morning, I Was Forced To Ejaculate Rima Arai

WAAA-244 2023-03-03 120分

Film Introduction

I wanted a boss like this! When I missed the last train at a drinking party and stayed at Manager Arai's house, I ended up being treated like a damn slut! "You saw my boobs, didn't you? Do you want to touch them?" I was seduced by a drunk Mr. Arai and played with my cock... The technical slut was so erotic that I immediately exploded. When it is discovered that she ejaculates prematurely, she is further played with and tested to see how many times she can ejaculate! The section chief's blowjob and dirty talk are so harsh that she suddenly awakens! Even if I let it out, it got erect again and I continued to cum from Friday night until Monday morning!

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