300MIUM-121 Super Erotic JD Of No. 1 In The History Of The Series! ! ! Her Nickname, Who Asserts That Sex Is A Sport, Is A "useless Man-making Machine"! The Sex Of A Girl With A Constitutional Constitution That Makes You Do Yoga Just By Giving A Blow Job

300MIUM-121 2017-09-09 73min

Film Introduction

This is a project where we travel around each university in a mobile tent and get close to modern female college students and film them having sex as part of a late-night program that asks about their sexual concerns! Our goal is to completely conquer all 137 universities in Tokyo! ! ! ■Report Report ① This time, we will start an “immediate sex trip in a truck tent” around the traditional mid-sized university “E University”! This university is full of simple and sturdy girls who work hard to obtain qualifications and work hard in athletic clubs! ! Although she doesn't look flashy, it's rumored that her level is quite high enough to become a hot topic at beauty pageants and on social media. What kind of sexual troubles will the E University girls talk about? ! ② I try to do a surprise interview again this time, but since there are many serious girls, I am guarded, and on top of that, I end up getting caught in a sudden heavy rain! The staff was also in a panic! ! ③ While many people were rushing home due to the sudden rain, the one we caught this time was a female college student who was job-hunting in a recruitment suit ♪ Chizuru, a commerce major at E University, works as an apparel store clerk during the day and works at night. She is a tough girl who is perfect for this university as she went to university in 2017. ④ She came over and laughed when she saw the tent on top of the truck and said, ``It's surreal lol.'' The moment she entered, she burst into laughter and said, ``It's surprisingly small lol, that's hilarious lol'' By the way, she got a job offer from a company that operates large commercial facilities♪ At the age of 21, she entered a night university and started working. Interacting with classmates who are studying together while doing so is a true "cross-industry networking event." Everyone has a lot of life experience, so it's a good opportunity to learn a lot of things ♪ ⑤ This time we will be shooting at night, so let's listen to some deep erotic stories with the help of alcohol ♪ First, let's talk about her perception of sex friends! Contrary to the common perception, there seems to have been a special kind of friendship unique to the ``Adult School'' where ``you can bond easily with the force of alcohol.'' Also, with the feeling that ``sex is a sport,'' when friendships deepen, It seems like it's normal to have bodies on top of each other♪⑥ Chizuru, who has a lot of experience, has a sexual problem that is clearly ``I'm not good at handjobs.'' Although she has quite a straight problem, her use of her tongue during blowjobs is often praised. When I asked her to try it out with her fingers, I realized how erotic it is♪ She gets drunk and panties at the camera, and she looks like she's feeling good just by touching her thighs♪ I make her open her recruitment suit and panty Her legs are spread open in an M-shape in full view ♪ I was twitching with her crack and the pink electric massager ♪ My senior (*he is an AV actor) arrives as we somehow deepen our friendship! ! When the breast milk overflowing from her shirt is licked and teased, she arches her back and cums in agony! ! Her slightly wet pussy is also elevated to heaven with the double torture of the toy and cunnilingus♪ While the toy is stuck in her vagina, the big cock that is thrust deep into her throat is served with deep blowjob, and she is in a doggy style position where she is burned by the heat of pleasure. Her body trembles and she ascends to heaven again♪ The inside of the tent is full of erotic heat, and she shows off her orgasms over and over again, so much so that the camera is clouded over♪ This female college student looking for a job with a serious and neat appearance is by far the No. 1 in the history of the series. It was super erotic!

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