300MAAN-248 ■Irama! Peeing! Kinky Strangle Fuck! ! "Please Go To The Back..." ■ * A Beautiful Girl Who Seems To Be Pure And Soothing * The More You Get Drunk, The More Erotic You Get * "I Like Painful Things" Exploding

300MAAN-248 2018-07-30 68min

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Film Introduction

"I want to see her real face (true nature) that I don't know" "Cuckold my girlfriend" Emails from clients (boyfriends) who have a desire to cuckold are sent to our company almost every day. . The staff will do their best to fulfill their earnest wishes! ! Collaborate with the master pick-up masters and bring out a different appearance that your boyfriend does not know! ! ! This time, Mr. Masato (25) made a request by confessing his propensity to "want me to sleep". She has several meetings with her boyfriend, and grasps the type of man she likes from her thoughts on her hobbies. She devises a strategy to drop it without fail. And the day of the operation arrives, but...

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