259LUXU-660 Luxury TV 655

259LUXU-660 2017-05-12 78min

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No boyfriend, no sex friend. Even if I go out to eat with a man occasionally and think that the other person is nice, when I get home, I can't take the next step when I think that I have work to do. I've never masturbated and haven't done anything like that with a man for over a year. I want to taste professional techniques that make me feel good, not half-hearted. I came here with that thought in mind, but... I get really nervous. It's been a long time since I was touched by a man, and my heart is pounding with a great sound. The actor was a little pushy, but he attacked me very gently, so I thought I would cum the moment it was inserted. She used gentle thrusts and violent thrusts skillfully to poke my good points, so I had to orgasm over and over again. It feels so good that I want it from myself and I want to be more connected ... It was the first time I thought so.

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