SIRO-1139 Amateur AV Experience Shooting 408

SIRO-1139 2012-08-01 56min
JAV Idols

Film Introduction

"Tell the men who don't have a girlfriend watching this video! Here's a 19-year-old tight gal who likes carnivorous boys! ! And it's pretty cute! ! ! ] Chihiro-chan, who appears this time, doesn't have a boyfriend right now, so I tried to recruit a boyfriend in a loud voice (laughs) I want to be Chihiro-chan's boyfriend! ! I want men to write their enthusiasm and apply. Chihiro-chan's desire to get closer to an adult woman can be seen and hidden from her long hair. As I wrote earlier, her favorite type seems to be carnivorous boys, but she seems to be looking for a carnivorous boy who looks muscular and has a ravenous personality. (Is that... a guy like EX*LE?) Chihiro-chan, who is weak against pushing, might melt away even if she is forced to kiss her boyfriend. She seems to be an abnormal person who has car sex with her boyfriend so far, so I would like the man who will be my boyfriend to show her more of the adult world. Even though I think that, before that, I will let you enjoy the world that I seldom experience that I have sex while shooting this AV (laughs) Anyway, Chihiro-chan's style is really good! Her waist is really thin and narrow, but her breasts are soft and big! Moreover, since the sensitivity and tightness of the pussy have improved, I wondered if I could become a boyfriend. I'll say it again, but Chihiro-chan, who is weak against pushing, is currently looking for a carnivorous boyfriend! !

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