534IND-028 Beautiful Girl In Gal Fashion! ! Second Round Of Creampie

534IND-028 2022-02-08 65min
JAV Idols

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Film Introduction

In this day and age, high-level girls are doing P activities one after another. I have no choice but to ride this wave, so I installed a few P-Katsu-specific apps right away. And, "I'm looking for a girl who wants to be a stable daddy, please DM me for the conditions. There is also an allowance increase, let's meet happily together." Nurui P is active! ? A beautiful woman with a serious look verifies whether P activities are also serious. This time, I was able to match with a girl in gyaru fashion. She had only seen selfies in the previous exchanges, so when I actually met her, I thought she had a great style and had long legs. I was puzzled at first because it was my first time doing dad activities. It seems that dad life started with an introduction from a friend. I was a little hesitant to use the camera at first, so when I promised not to show it to anyone, they readily agreed. Although raw was NG, I managed to insert it without rubber in the flow. It seems that sexual experience is still inexperienced, and it was a girl who was easy to orgasm. After the act was over, he was about to go home in a hurry, so I forcibly stopped him, and managed to bring it to the second round.

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