581SHMJ-003 Sarah (23) [Dance Instructor/Beautiful Girl/Free-spirited/Short Dating/Flirting/Vulnerable To Pushing/Gachiiki/Nice Dance Ass/Electric Massager Crazy/Second Round/Spider Cowgirl/Self-Drinking Lover/Matching App/ Dating Pick-up # 001】

581SHMJ-003 2022-04-30 71min

Film Introduction

Out of 100 out of 100 with matching app!
This is a project where we attack an AV actor who is doing a lot of matching, and we give him a camera and have him film us (even having sex)!

"Dating pick-up"

This time's partner is dance instructor "Sara-chan"
Overwhelming transparency and charming smile!
There are definitely many men who will steal your heart!
Also, as an instructor, she has a slender body with beautiful breasts and a beautiful butt!
In addition to this perfect style,
I can't stop grinning at the sexy sex with the actor www

[Question for her]
Q. Have you ever met someone in real life?
Q.What made you start a matching app?
Q.What was the deciding factor in this matching?
Q.What is the decisive factor in getting a good response?
Q. How many people have you met through the app?
Q.What kind of people don't like it?

[Play details 1: 1st round]
#Light kiss just by touching the lips
#Ear licking/armpit Licking
#Deep kiss
#Licking both nipples/playing with nipples
#Full body electric massage
#Girlfriend's nipples torture
#Glans licking/rod licking/vacuum blowjob
#Missionary position Insertion in
# Legs up missionary position
# Face-to-face sitting position
# Spider cowgirl & nipple torture
# Ejaculation inside the rubber in face-to-face cowgirl position (Shigure Chausu)

[Play content ②: Round 2]
# Insertion from the back
# Raised back position
# Crotch sandwiching side position
# Breast bukkake in missionary position
>#Cleaning blowjob
#Facial cumshot
#Semen swallow

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