502SEI-005 A Sex Professional Sneaks Into A Happening Bar! Sex That Really Excites Because It Can Be Seen By Others! [How To Have Sex Even If You're New To Happening Bars (MGS Videos Only! Bonus Footage)]

502SEI-005 2022-08-06 62min

Film Introduction

[Campaign] Customers who purchase this product will receive a bonus video exclusive to MGS Video!

[Bonus video content]
Title: ``Happening bar beginners can have sex ``Method''
Recording time: 22 minutes

It's hard to find cute girls in their 20s and have sex with them on your own!
Entertainment is expensive, and having sex with a professional can be pointless.
(People around you will make fun of you if you can't have sex with amateurs...)

However, matching apps and picking up girls are very difficult and cannot be done overnight!

When that happens, it's a happening bar!
What is a happening bar? : A place where erotic amateur men and women gather and have happenings (sex).

Popular YouTuber JOJO, a professional underground infiltrator, infiltrates happening bars and reveals the whole story, so
This video You can have sex with cute amateur girls just by watching!

“Can beginners have sex?”

I asked my friend, a man in his 30s, to watch this bonus video and went to a happening bar for the first time, and as a result, he was able to have sex with four amateur women in their 20s. About.

Limited to those who purchased it!
You can have sex with cute amateur girls just by looking at them!

[How to present the bonus video]
The bonus video will be automatically added to the customer's purchase history the day after purchasing the eligible product. There will be no individual notification when added.
*For those who purchased during the reservation period, it will be added on August 6th, the distribution start date.

・Addition of bonus footage may be delayed due to circumstances.
・Recording time and product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note.

▽Play details
① A man and a woman at a happening bar...
Spanking on all fours
Touching dick
Playing with her breasts over her clothes
Sucking her fingers
Playing with her clitoris
Licking a man's nipples

②Mizuki sees two men in the playroom Enters the room...
Shows panties with М-shaped legs
Plays with breasts over underwear
Takes off clothes
Plays with clitoris over panties
Directly into pussy Playing
Playing with nipples
Continue playing while being watched by the gallery
Playing with clitoris while spreading legs towards the gallery
Fingering on all fours
Licking nipples
Man's Nipple licking
Ball licking handjob
Standing blowjob in front of the gallery
Insertion in missionary position
Piston while kissing
Crutch break
Standing Back
Sleeping back
Cowgirl while kissing
Reverse cowgirl
Normal while kissing Place
Rubber launch

▽Promotion schedule
June 15th: Reservations start
July 4th: Package image
7 July 15th: Detailed play details
July 22nd: Sample videos, sample images
August 6th: Distribution begins

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