345SIMM-769 Mii (18) / Lover Sex With J* Who Is Stupid But Too Cute! [First Period] Successfully Called Home On The Pretext Of Watching A Movie! Incredibly Aggressive Approach & Explosive Firing To Blow! [Second Period] Taste A Slender Body That Is Too Wh

345SIMM-769 2022-08-18 77min

Film Introduction

Play details: Date, kiss, nipple licking, blowjob, cum in mouth, kiss, breast torture, fingering, missionary position, doggy style, cowgirl position, side position, missionary position, creampie< br>
Synopsis:《J●PROFILE》《name: Mii》《age: 18》《Number of cups: C cup》 [Very stupid but too cute fair-skinned slender J●] [Today It's a weekday, but I'm off work! While I was relaxing and not doing anything, I suddenly received an invitation from my J● girlfriend Mii-chan to a L○NE date! ``Isn't he supposed to be at school today?'' I thought, but when I met him, it turned out that he had left school early because it was the day he returned his test. All the test scores you care about are red points! This girl is an idiot, lol. I wanted to say, ``Don't play around, go home and study for your make-up exams, have a sense of crisis,'' but her cute face gives me pause and I decide to go on a date with her! I completely decided that I wanted to go to the movies, and I decided to go see the second movie in the series that Mii-chan wanted to see! I didn't even study the first one, but I thought, okay, so I went to Shinjuku! I had a little time before the screening, so I bought a large quantity of popcorn for him to eat, but he kept making unwelcome comments to Chinchin, such as ``I like it with a strong flavor,'' and he ate the entire large size popcorn. I'm going to buy another one again, and I feel as young as I can. I do this farce every time I go on a date, but I still can't get used to it. If I get used to it, I'll lose. As expected, she didn't really understand what the movie was about, so I asked her for her impressions, and she said, ``I'm glad it was kind of cool.'' Yeah, this guy is an idiot. To be honest, I told him that I didn't really understand because I hadn't seen the first movie, but he told me, ``It's being streamed on Ne*furi, so let's go home and watch it!'' It would be a big problem if I missed such a hot development, so I just took her home! While I was watching a movie, I was flicking around the remote control thinking about what to do, and then he kissed me and we just got tangled up. You were the one who told me to watch it, right? Well, the result was okay. . Mii-chan seemed to be turned on by the pure feel and sweet smell of J●, and buried his face in her crotch, saying, ``Don't you want to smell the scent of your favorite person?'' It's really cool lol This kind of thing is good. This kind of thing is good. I was made to take off my clothes and suck them. If you have a good face, you will never get tired of it no matter how many times you fuck it. Even if you don't have any special techniques, you will be very satisfied with the situation when you receive a blowjob while shaking your long eyelashes with a hand that combines innocence and unfamiliarity. I let it go straight into my mouth. Now that we're in Sage Time, I feel sorry for Mii-chan, who mustered up the courage to be proactive. There's no way I'd be smart in front of such a cute J● in the first place, so I'm going to go straight to the second round lol As I play with her ears and finger her nipples for the foreplay she gave me earlier, I get a first reaction. No matter how many times I do it, it's still J♪. The way he laughs and hides the fact that it feels good, and still goes into that mode when kissing, is very J♪. We inserted it at a time when we both felt that there was no other option to make it feel any better other than inserting it. Of course, Mii-chan is still wearing her uniform. Even though it's supposed to be hot at this time of year, her skin is so smooth that you won't notice any sweat, so she can't stop shaking her hips in excitement. Mii-chan was so immersed in the sex that she had just learned that she didn't even notice that she was in a position where her shaved pussy was exposed. She makes love with him many times in a position that feels as close as possible, and finally cums inside her in the missionary position. White semen looks good on her fair-skinned child. At least as long as Mi-chan is still a teenager, I'm sure she won't get tired of this body, so I thought I'd keep hugging her. 】

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