300MIUM-165 [First Cheating! First Facial! ] "I Want You To Be Inserted For 20 Minutes!" No, No, No, No, It's An OK Sign! ? I Love Open Sex ⇒ I Love Thrills ⇒ I Love Tents! My Boyfriend Is A Child Of Sex For 2 Minutes! Fucking Premature Ejaculation Withou

300MIUM-165 2017-12-23 72min

Film Introduction

This is a project where we travel around each university in a mobile tent and get close to modern female college students and film them having sex as part of a late-night program that asks about their sexual concerns! Our goal is to completely conquer all 137 universities in Tokyo! ! ! ■Report Report ① This time, we visited “A University” which has produced many women of virtue and dignity! It seems like there are a lot of relatively quiet students. The key will probably be finding a sullen and naughty girl... Good luck...! ! ②There are a lot of students, but they don't seem to get interested at all... Since it was the school festival season when I decided to take the photo shoot, I was rejected many times due to my busy schedule. In the midst of all this, she agreed to be photographed despite being on maximum alert, and she is the star of this episode! It's Miki-chan! Miki Tea! ! ! ! ! ③Mikiti screamed because she thought it would be a good hit, but she was easily swept away and said, ``That's what you say...lol.'' Miki-chan, who attends a women's college, is said to belong to something called a "women's club." What is that? When I thought about it, it turned out to be a close circle of girls only who got together and did party-like things. Despite the strict rule that no boys are allowed, it looks like they're having a lot of fun! ④That's right! She seems a little bi! She looked at the photo book of Satomi Ishi〇 and Yoshi Shiraishi that she had just bought and said, ``It makes me want to attack her lol!'' It seems like she can't help but notice cute girls and girls with big boobs, and she happily talks about the experience of taking a bath with her friends, kissing them, and touching her boobs♪ ``Actually, I wanted to lick her nipples, but...'' ...LOL” Mikiti laughs. What's that? The bath with the lily field... it's too sacred, isn't it? ⑤It seems like he's interested in erotic things. However, it seems that she is often left alone by her boyfriend. What's even more troubling is that my boyfriend seems to ejaculate prematurely. Even after inserting it, she cums in about 2 minutes! We've been dating for quite some time, and lately, we've been doing a lot of naughty things in our daily lives. Sex without caressing. I often get told off by saying that I'm busy... It seems like there is a lot of dissatisfaction. ⑥ But even so, Miki-chan is serious. No cheating! absolute! Since she didn't break her stance, I repeatedly touched her body relentlessly, and even used an electric massager to create an erotic atmosphere! When I asked for an interview, I realized that he seemed to be a bit difficult to push! Once the sex starts, she says something like "No, no..." but gives me a blow job with a smile on her face...Aren't you a little excited? After it's over, she seems happy and says, "It felt better than my boyfriend... lol" ♪ A serious fair-skinned beautiful girl gets carried away and has sex! Mikiti may have gotten addicted to cheating sex...lol

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