SIRO-4920 [Like A Sunflower] [Curious About AV] The Poster Girl Of A Flower Shop! Challenge AV With One Experienced Person! ? Applicant Amateur, First AV Shooting 308

SIRO-4920 2022-11-06 62min

Film Introduction

Play contents: interview, kiss, breast massage, cunnilingus, fingering, blowjob, missionary position, standing back, cowgirl position, sleeping back, facial cumshot, cleaning fellatio

Synopsis: Ami usually works at a flower shop. She is a bright and cute girl who looks like a sunflower. She says she doesn't have a boyfriend now, or rather, she hasn't had a boyfriend since she was a freshman in high school. The number of experienced people is one! She usually seems to inflate her delusions while watching AV. She wants to go out to AV and do things that she can't usually do, such as massages and threesomes. She was a curious girl.

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