569GESB-010 Interview Men's Voyeur Mr. Yuri

569GESB-010 2022-11-18 89min

Film Introduction

Mr. Yuri who has applied as an esthetician to a super-orthodox earnable "no nuki" men's esthetic shop. A talented person who has experience working in a certain M sexual feeling and has massage skills! The applicant this time is a beautiful married woman who has a young face but has a lot of experience in the past. Since she said she had experience with massage, she skipped the passive lecture given by the female instructor and started straight away with a practical lesson on massage techniques. We will show our experienced skills to a female instructor, learn useful points and sharp play, and head to a one-on-one practical training session with the store manager. In the practical training, the store manager praises all the "techniques" and guarantees that you will immediately become a popular person at the first army level. "I don't like this kind of thing," he said, showing off his childish face and playing pranks. "If you want to earn money, there are other ways to do it," said the store manager, who enthusiastically started the behind-the-scenes training. Please check the video for details. This is a masterpiece of Menes SEX works that will be delivered at the end of the year in 2022! !

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