300MIUM-989 A Shocking Body Line! [Soft Big H Cup X Big Butt] "Maybe If We Work Together, We Can Get Along Even Better ///" She Shows Off Her Cleavage And Recommends Me To Join The Silica Water Business, But She Persistently Negotiates And Succeeds! This

300MIUM-989 2023-11-25 79min

Film Introduction

Thank you for your hard work.
I'm Kushiwakamaru, and I'm working as an editor for Multi-Female.

I can't pay the cash on delivery fee for the wallet I bought online the other day.
I'm afraid that it will arrive at my house, so I'm going to sleep in the storage room at work for a while.
I'm really angry at people who are making money through fraudulent solicitations even though I'm in this situation.

The Multiple woman of this time is such a woman who only talks about nice things It was.
She talked to me in Ikebukuro like a reverse Nan. A woman in a tight blue dress.
While pressing the cleavage

“A good shop around here Don't you know?''

Perfect Multi invitation.
Or Beauty Bureau, I can't explain it unless it's a rip-off.
Even though I know that, this woman's charming way of speaking and erotic body line Before I knew it, my heart was being grabbed.

At a family restaurant, we went from talking about trivial things to talking about work.
“Don’t you know about silica water?”
“You can be healthy and earn money too.”
Women’s full mobilization of weapons They will persistently ask you to make money. When I asked about the details, it was a system where you pay a 200,000 yen joining fee and then introduce people and receive a margin.
Unscrupulous pyramid schemeConfirmed.
It was a terrible act of betrayal towards the man I had high hopes for.
This is probably how they play with the male's mind and enrich their own pockets.
This is where the usual words come into play.

"I'm joining, so will you let me have sex with you?"

I remember Sendo when Shohoku lost. It was a moderatecounter.
A multi-faceted woman who laughs and cheats.
Judging from the reactions, it doesn't seem like the hurdles for sex are high.
As expected from a woman who wears a tight dress.
As expectedYariman.
After a wave of quid pro quo sex negotiations,

“If you can sign me a contract...”

< font color= red >Social reform sex is confirmed. I am always grateful for your help.

When you take out the camera within 2 seconds of entering the love hotel

``Huh? I didn't ask.''

Yes. I didn't say that.
Four and five sayYour mouth is completely blocked off with your dick.
The only thing a woman can do is lick it once she gets it in her mouth.
As everyone with good intuition has probably noticed, this woman is a slut.
Now, feel free to take a look at the body.
What appeared with the pink ALL satin bra, which is rare in the Reiwa era, werebreasts that were bigger than I imagined.
According to a friend who is a breast appraiser, H cup or more is a big one, and those are the breasts that are being fondled 5 times a week. that's right.
After playing with soft breasts, check below.
As expectedA wet slut⚫︎.
If you put a hard dick in ⚫︎hard pissconvulsions< /font>and secretly c. W
here's an angryspanking.
A woman who enjoys being spanked A local senior told me that I could do whatever I wanted.
If you cum, you'll be slapped. If you cum, you'll be slapped.'s ● teaching systemFully automatic orgasm meat A multicolored woman who turned into a toilet bowl.
Make her so exhausted that she loses consciousnessFacial cumshot finish and R.I.P.

After the fact, let the multi-sex woman go to the shower first Great escape.
Of course I have no intention of joining.
I managed to escape, so I would like to stream this and earn more than 200,000 yen.

*According to the Japan Citizen Center, troubles related to multilevel marketing are increasing year by year.
Please be careful of malicious multi-level marketing solicitations.

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