SIMM-862 [Momo-chan (18) - Says "No!" But Ends Up Being A Lovey-dovey Little Devil Tsundere J♪♪ She Loves Having Her Uterus Penetrated And Having Her Neck Fucked. She Marks Her Perverted Slender Body With Sperm And Ejaculates 3 Times During A Sleepover♪ 】

SIMM-862 2023-11-30 100min

Film Introduction

Play details: [Part 1] Meeting, female date, karaoke, hotel inn, tongue kissing, caress, fingering, cunnilingus, blowjob, ball licking, missionary position, electric massager, cowgirl position , doggy style, ○●me, creampie [Part 2] Changing clothes in a micro bikini, fingering, nipple licking, handjob, blowjob, cowgirl, backward cowgirl, standing doggy style, missionary position, breast ejaculation [Part 3] Tongue-in, blowjob, ejaculation in mouth

Synopsis: [Good news: Your crotch is shy because of how precious you are]
《J♪ Profile》《Name: Momo-chan》《Age: 18》
J on his way home from school ♪ Meet up with his girlfriend Momo for a female restaurant & karaoke date ♪
He beat her in the karaoke scoring battle and listened to everything she had to say, so he said "No! No!" I took her to the hotel...
She gets snarky and selfish when there are other people around, but when we're alone, she turns into a tsundere and I can't stand her pampering like a kitten♪
She's usually on the low side Even though she has a voice like that, she moans with a sweet, mellow voice, and when she gets horny, she transforms into a pervert who loves to attack the uterus and the neck. Momo's cheeks are deliciously filled with a licking vacuum blow job.
While being fucked hard, an electric massager is applied to her stomach, and she climaxes repeatedly as her uterus is attacked from outside and inside.
There was no way I could resist the convulsing and tightening of my teenage vagina, so I ejected a large amount inside my vagina. While repeating this, I completely fell in love with him and ended up spending the night with him as much as I wanted ♪
He even gave me a blowjob in the morning, so I had a blissful time♪

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