534CRT-032 *Born In 2005_Worn For 17 Hours [Personal Photo Shoot] Soft Tennis Club ②_Sky Blue Pants (with Sweat Stains After Club Activities) *Creampie In Her First P Activity

534CRT-032 2023-12-01 76min

Film Introduction

●Sky blue pants
Stain: ★★★☆☆
Smell: ★★★★★
Stain: ★★★☆☆
Usability: ★★☆☆☆
Remarks: Pubic hair unprocessed

Thank you for viewing.
This is Kurocchi.

This time, I was able to meet Sky Blue Panties-chan after her club activities.

I will send you the details at that time.

This time we decided to meet directly at the hotel.
The person who appeared at the meeting place was a girl in uniform with a soft-spoken and natural-looking appearance.

From what I heard, it seems like this is his first P activity.
Although he says, ``I'm nervous,''
It's like being at a friend's house. They seemed excited as if they were just coming to have fun lol

I was worried if they really knew the meaning of P-katsu.

I thought he came to the hotel right after class, but it turns out he had been fully participating in club activities before coming to the hotel.

You can expect these pants to be filled with youthful essence! !

I would like to see the actual item immediately.

Aim the camera in a good position,
bring your face close to your crotch,

Now it's time to open the door.
There were faint traces of sweat stains on the underwear.

Also, it seems that the hair below has not been removed,
Pubic hair was sticking out of the pants lol

When I pointed out the hair,
I was embarrassed as expected. That's what I did.

When I touched my underwear directly,
it was wet and cold.

Because I was damp with sweat,
my pants also stuck to my pants, making it difficult to take them off.

After thoroughly enjoying the pants, it's time for some fun.

Since it's my first P activity,
I have to wet it thoroughly before inserting it.

I gently played with her clitoris,
I tortured her pussy with toys.

I suddenly noticed,
This girl casually...
Her breasts are growing well.
The shape was perfect, and the breasts were good enough to be squeezed.

When she is ready,
it's time for the long-awaited insertion.

A pussy born in 2005.
The tightness is different.

He's in the athletic club, so he's in good shape, and

it would be a waste to end the play right away.

I will thoroughly enjoy the inside of her vagina.

One ejaculation was not enough, so I had him insert it again and give me a cleaning blow job.

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