DDHP-043 I Was Impregnated By A Big Breasted G Cup Cafe Girl! I Will Respond To Your Selfish Request For A Wage Increase With A Bang! [Mio (22)]

DDHP-043 2023-12-03 51min

Film Introduction

Play contents: Wage negotiation, blowjob, breast rubbing, fingering, missionary position, doggy style, lying back, cowgirl, missionary, creampie, missionary, side, lying back, normal Sex, Creampie

Synopsis:A certain bulletin board where information about Concafe is gathered everywhere.
We are collecting videos that were shared there and then instantly deleted by the thread owner or administrator.

What we got this time is a video of a con cafe girl negotiating with the owner for a raise.
While working as a part-time worker at a con cafe while aiming to become an actor, she consulted with the owner about the loss of her income due to her reduced attendance at work during her stage rehearsal period.
She recorded the negotiation at the hotel where she called.
It seems that it is difficult to increase the hourly wage at this store, and in order to increase the unit price, the other cast members are told that they are doing pillow sales, and at the same time, the owner demands that he sell pillows himself.

He seemed to have agreed to the condition of giving only a blowjob, but there was no way he would be satisfied with just that, and he stripped her of her big breasts.
The area is soaked with water with fingering, and raw insertion has nothing to do with the person's will.
The footage shows her being fucked and creampied while still wearing her race queen costume and shaking her G cup breasts.

Not satisfied with the first shot, he inserted it raw the second time as well.
She took off her costume and had sex with her, revealing her erotic body, and in the second round, she resisted in vain and finished off with a creampie.
I was terribly afraid of getting pregnant, but it must have been a dangerous day.
She graduated soon after that, so I think she was pregnant with her owner's offspring.

[Exposed cast's SNS profile ↓]

I am at (Store ID self-regulation)! I love blue color/I don't like alcohol.I'm weak even if I drink it.I'm a drunkard (seriously)

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