420HOI-256 Sassa (22)

420HOI-256 2023-11-26 106min

Film Introduction

#Boyfriend Ali#22 years old#Apparel manager#Masturbation#Community skills#

A beautiful girl with a two-dimensional appearance.
Perhaps because of his job as an apparel store manager, his communication skills are extremely high.
She has a frank atmosphere, uses polite language, and has a great personality.
Her love life is a manly, lazy type who is not good at bargaining.
Although she has a boyfriend, she is on the verge of breaking up with him.
Due to her job, she doesn't seem to meet many people, so if we break up, she probably wants another boyfriend.
It's a very good mental balance.
I don't cheat when I have a boyfriend, I haven't had sex lately, I'm too busy with work, and sometimes I masturbate.
A manly character who makes lots of dirty jokes.
Flag collection with alcohol from here to One Night.
Woman: "Can you do it for me?" Man: "I want to." Woman: "What?" Man: "Have sex with me." Woman: "How will you do it for me?" "Try touching me?"
From the start of the battle, the sluts She is fully in the mode of enjoying creepy sex.
The mackerel character suddenly changes into a spoiled lewd mode.
The demon gap from the characters up to here is painful.
Woman: ``Are you ready?'' Man: ``I'm ready.'' ``Here.'' Woman: ``Hmm.''
She's in a sex-starved beast state, actively masturbating while giving a sticky blowjob to please the man.
As expected of a customer service professional.
``You're the type of person who can't stand it.'' ``That's why.'' ``Touch me.'' ``Are you wet?'' ``Maybe wet.'' ``I'm wet.'' ``I'm wet.''
It's become erotic with automation. go.
Woman: ``Don't knead.'' Man: ``Stop?'' Woman: ``Don't stop!'' ``Please don't stop.'' Woman: ``Ah.''
Coupled with the power of alcohol, it becomes infinitely lewd.
A new record, she said with a cute smile as she looked at the ejaculate of herself.
Instinct FUCK with beautiful breasts and tight body twisting and trembling, indulging in pleasure.
Enjoy sex with all your might and release it! This is what it should be!

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