241GAREA-590 Eru

241GAREA-590 2023-12-04 115min

Film Introduction

Eru, 20 years old T:146 B:74(A) W:56 H:80 Convenience store clerk A complete Ro○ type girl
Her hobbies are games and subscription music, and her sex is with men she met through match apps or games.She is a Gen Z member.
This time, we matched using a new app that we recently started. Although she has sex with two boyfriends, she apparently hasn't had sex with the guy she met on an app or game?
It looks suspicious, but I won't rush in and move on. Up until now, she said that her sex has been normal, but when I asked her about it, she said, ``It started with kissing,'' ``Touching my body,'' ``Touching my dick,'' ``Putting it in,'' and ``My boyfriend likes to put it in.'' "The last time we had sex was three months ago," she said.
It feels light, reflecting the current naughty social climate of people in their early 20s...
Even though I say, ``I like sex,'' I get worried because ``I haven't done it very often, so I don't really know how it feels,'' or ``I haven't seen many naughty videos.'' ! ! .
I asked him a lot of questions while touching his body, and it seems that he has experience using toys and sometimes masturbates.
When she wears her underwear, her slender body is firm and you can see a glimpse of her abs. The first time I learned about naughty things was like a manga, and the way she shyly hides her body with her hands is so cute! ! .
I checked her sensitivity while touching her body, and in order to make her feel naughty, I touched her dick with a stick rotor and asked her to hold it and put it on her clitoris. When I tell her that when I look at her, I see erotic ooze coming out from below, she doesn't feel shy, and the way she looks confused and doesn't understand this phenomenon is so cute! ! .
It doesn't seem to change even if I leave it as is, so I assist her, make her spread her legs, and use a stick rotor to attack her clitoris.Since she doesn't respond well, I move her panties and apply a womanizer.
As expected of Uma, she started panting cutely, and when I held her down from above, she made a squishy sound and moaned, She twitched and squirted at the same time! ! .
Insert the woman vibrator as it is, and in order to make her feel it more,I blindfold her, bind her wrists with tape, and stimulate her masochist heart, which makes her moan more erotically like a masochist woman and makes her moan a second time. Iki! ! .
I just brought my dick to her face and touched her lips, making her imagine a premonition of sex, and I left her alone for a while, and when I got rid of my shame and told her that it was okay to cum, I gave her the third time. Orgasm.
I took off her panties that were drenched with tide, and just by playing with her fingers, she reacted explosively and when I inserted her, her moans became louder, and when I thrust deep into her, she moaned to the max and climaxed, saying, "I'm cumming!" ! .
Although I made her cum while changing positions for a while, her pussy was so tight that I couldn't hold back and cum inside her! ! .
Squeezing out the sperm from the hole to avoid pregnancy, cunnilingus to trick her, stroking her body, and inserting the uma vibrator, once her body has become erotic, it immediately burns up and feels,
I make her put the uma on. She gets up and stimulates her M heart with a strong blowjob, then she lies down and puts the womanizer on her enlarged clitoris, panting and feeling it, making her ass twitch and climax! ! .
When I command him to make me feel good, he obediently starts squeezing and sucking my dick, and the sight of a cute girl doing everything for me is the best! ! .
The second round started from the top position, and she seemed to have lost her sense of shame and was panting loudly, feeling it all the time. In the cowgirl position, she actively shook her hips, from back cowgirl to back,
In various positions. She gasps and finishes right on top.
As a bonus video, there is a self-camera masturbation video and a blowjob video that you can stare at.

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