001BTG-006 What Are You Going To Eat Today? Sata Andagi Kaho Tamaki

001BTG-006 2023-12-05 66min

Film Introduction

Mr. Tamaki, who is from Okinawa, has been cooking since he was 6 years old, so he loves cooking. After drinking alcohol and having a deep kiss with Mr. Tamaki, who is a little soft, he touched his dick and said, "It's erect, it's erect..." and licked the boy's nipples. When I licked the boy's nipple, he got excited and his pussy juice came out. When it came out, I tried to give it a cunnilingus and said with my finger, "No, stop, no, no, no, ah, it really feels so hot, so hot, no, don't lick me like that...it feels so good. It's embarrassing..." When I attacked the inside of her vagina, she said, ``I want your cock... Please blame me... Please come...'' When I inserted it into Tamaki's wet pussy, she said, ``My dick is so hot, it's inside me, I don't want it, I don't want it.'' Do more..." Move your hips, harder..." She let out a high-pitched gasp and shook her hips violently, "It's hot, it's inside me, I love it, please do it more, it feels so good..." she said violently in cowgirl position. Mr. Tamaki, who was trying to make the boy cum up and down, said, ``Cum, cum...no~don't hold back~come out as hard as you can~, press the part where the dick is~'', so press the part of the stomach where the dick is. When I pressed it with my hand, Tamaki said, ``Oh, that feels so good, I'm going to make a big mess of it'' and I shot my juice into her stomach. Mr. Tamaki was said to be a problem child during his junior high school days. She couldn't hold back her pee and ended up peeing on the shoulder of the highway. Tamaki-san was a lewd woman who loved sex. Love should be on the table...

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Sata Anda Ghee Recipe
[How to make]
① Mix flour, pancake mix (baking powder is OK), and sugar
② Eggs, butter (oil), milk Add and mix & knead
③ Knead in the refrigerator (overnight if possible)
④ Fry in oil at about 170 degrees
⑤ When it floats and starts moving around, pull it out and it's done.

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