789ECH-001 [New Series Starts! ! ! ] [Echiechi Reseller] SDGs That Are Friendly To Dicks! Throw Away Used Underwear You Don't Need...? What A Waste! Make An Appointment With A Cute Girl Who Sells Underwear On SNS → Hand Purchase And Have Sex As An Additio

789ECH-001 2023-12-05 99min

Film Introduction

[A resale girl who lives a leisurely life by selling used underwear on SNS and earns a little money]

Today, Taamu-chan is interacting leisurely on SNS. We met in Shinjuku to receive the panchu by hand.
Amu-chan, Dana, a naughty big-breasted girl who can be seen from a distance...
She started reselling it so she could buy a birthday gift for her boyfriend!
You're so healthy and cute...Oji-san is so impressed that my penis is erect (tears)
I want to check the condition before I buy it, so let's go to a coffee shop.

Opening the panchu at a coffee shop.
She's really shy, but this naughty stain is actually the juice secreted by Amu-chan♪
She thinks her personality comes out from her underwear (lol) That's what the old man thinks. , Amu-chan may seem quiet, but she's actually a sullen and lewd person! You're right ^^

Kunkunkun… Amu-chan! She hasn't been wearing this for three days! ! ! ! ? ?
I can't buy this old man!
Let's go to a hotel because I want to see you wearing them properly? hey? I'll pay an additional fee, so please

Here, add more stains! ! Amu-chan's naughty pussy ● Let this smell soak in! ! ! !
Aaah~ Amu-chan reacts nervously with such a naughty body~~
Oji-san got an erection after you, so take responsibility~I'll pay you again.
Oji-san has a wealthy acquaintance who collects underwear, so I'll introduce him to him♪
He's good at sex, and he'll give you money, so I think Amu-chan will be satisfied♪
Big erotic breasts Amu-chan seems to be feeling good being shaken and pounded...
Amu-chan is doing her best with her small mouth and stuffing her cheeks...
Amu-chan is getting her naughty butt pounded...
It's so nice It was a great memory ♪ Thank you to Mr. Oji for the best collection!

Today's total fee is 35,000 yen.

ps. Boyfriend, it would be great if you were happy about the birth ^^

―――――――――――――――――――――――― ――――――――――――――――

▶︎Today's target

Amu @ Underwear seller
Professional student/20 years old/Selling favorite items/< br>156㌢/45㌔/F Cup
Underwear delivery/Delivery available
Payment/Cash/Paid option
Beginner dress/DM if interested

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