300MIUM-199 [New Series] It Seems That The Lover Agency Service "Rental Girlfriend" Is Showing A Secret Boom Right Now...! From The First Work In The Series, We Succeeded In Fishing A Beautiful Girl In Uniform Who Loves Her Uncle! The Last Minute Feeling

300MIUM-199 2018-02-04 75min

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Film Introduction

Did you know that there is a system called rental girlfriend these days? It's a system where you can easily date a cute girl if you take a step forward. Rin-chan, who I met today, also met using a rental girlfriend. She is a kind and sweet girl who listens to requests to date in her school uniform. You can hold her hand and walk with her and feel like a real lover. This alone makes me too happy... but the final goal is sex! When I was enjoying the date while asking for the opportunity to somehow bring in sex, it got dark, so when I went into karaoke and asked a private question in a private room, Rin-chan answered obediently. When I asked him straight away, "Can I invite you to the hotel?" As soon as I move to the hotel and kiss, Rin-chan, who has an erotic switch, seems to be comfortable with her eyes. When I rolled up her skirt and stroked her white skin, it was smooth and comfortable to the touch. Rin-san is so sensitive that she reacts just by licking it lightly and leaks a sweet breath. If you stir Naka with her fingers, your pussy will get wetter and wet while leaking a sound. If you insert it in the missionary position and push it up, you will be panting while grabbing the sheets tightly while spilling "I'm going ...!". Rin-san, who becomes erotic every time she pushes up her expression and her pussy. At the end, it shoots at Rin-san's cute face who is crazy about sex while saying "It feels good...!" While satisfied with sex after a long time, Rin-chan left the hotel with an awkward expression at the end.

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