816SKI-004 [Ideal Daddy Girl] [Return Series] "If You Leave It As It Is, You Have To Do Customs ..." "I Have Never Been H With A Man ..."A Daddy Girl Who Is Daddy.A Slender Body That Can Be Seen From The Top Of The Clothes.If You Whisper With A Sweet Voic

816SKI-004 2024-05-24 73min

Film Introduction

Recently, there are many girls in the streets who are dyed to daddy with a light feeling.
Because my friends are doing it, I saw it online, so I need money?
Why do you need money?What is that money?
For yourself?For someone?Is someone a family, a boyfriend, or something else?
Well, most people have some reason.

Daddy, compensated dating, mistress contracts, and further back, there are already records in the ancient Greece era.
Given that it is said to be the oldest occupation in mankind, it may not be forever.
The common rules from ancient times are that you have to pay the price.
If money was not born, this would not have been born.

In the over -modern capitalist society, many people have heard one of the lines that gold is heavier than life.
Gold is life, and it can be said that he is himself.
Is she really aware that she is receiving a person who plays a person, tickles her life, and receives her soul in a different shape?

The opponent this time is Megumi -san.
Speaking of which, I didn't ask about work.
I didn't dare say it.
For the age of 23, I have learned how to roll a man.
Looking at the eyes of a man, he laughs interestingly even in a boring conversation, and touches his body casually.
What a wonderful woman?
You have to charge money for the price.
Taka is daddy, but daddy.
What you started with a light feeling may be a big step off the road.

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