200GANA-1675 Seriously Flirty, First Shot. 1056

200GANA-1675 2018-03-30 65min

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Film Introduction

Nuoooooooo windy! ! Picking up girls around Meguro Station! I couldn't find anyone, so I left the front of the station and wandered into a deep alley. A cute cat I found there! I'm a tout for a girls bar! It's already the limit to continue to be exposed to the cold wind... Wanting to get hold of this girl somehow, Yaki Hanzawa also kneels on the ground in a deep blue color on the side of the road. "Noa" who came to the hotel after work. After the name of the shop, he is a humorous child who wears socks with "milk" written on it. She broke up with her boyfriend a little while ago, so she lives a rough life that doesn't seem like a 21-year-old girl. Let's take advantage of the loneliness! A slender body with E cup big breasts, a slippery ass and a shaved pussy is a considerable talent! Here's one thing, I have to let her drink Ochipo Milk! !