259LUXU-828 Luxury TV 790

259LUXU-828 2017-09-24 69min

Film Introduction

Haruka Takano, the president's daughter. In "Luxury TV 381", she said, "It seems like I'm addicted to it...", and she appeared in front of us again, just as she said. Haruka says that her last sex was pleasant, so she became interested not only in masturbation but also in working with people. She seems to have experienced one night love several times in the past year, unlike before, when she was called out to her and she didn't deal with it. Perhaps because of this, Haruka's expression, which was just like the elegant president's daughter at the beginning of the interview, gradually changes as the filming progresses. She stares at us with a strong, aggressive look, while Haruka shows off her beautiful body line in a sensational way. She couldn't stand the actor's teasing way of touching her. I started caressing. She wets her secret part with jerks, and says, "I'm a lewd..." and immerses herself in sex as if enjoying being fucked. She caught the cloudy liquid in her mouth and said, "Please call me again if you have another chance."

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