261ARA-311 [Too Cute] 19 Years Old [too Erotic] ​​Mai-chan Is Here! Her Reason For Applying To The University's Law Department Is "I'm Longing For An AV Actress ♪" Watching AV Every Day! ! Masturbation Every Day! ! Her Head Is Full Of Erotic Things Rather

261ARA-311 2018-10-03 72min

Film Introduction

This recruitment is an active female college student! Waiting at night in Shibuya, the meeting place, was a petite, delicate girl with long black hair and elegant fashion. If you look closely, her eyes are sparkling...how beautiful! No dirt! yes! This innocent girl is "Mai-chan (pseudonym)" who applied for recruitment this time! ! At first glance, she doesn't look like the type to appear in AV, but she actually often watches AV on a regular basis. In addition, instead of watching AV to masturbate, she told me about her love for AV, saying, "I'm immersed in the story and watching the glittering actresses... I enjoy AV as a work of art!" I'm here. In addition, she said, "There is an actress that she likes, and I want to shine in AV like her!" gave me Her petite body and clear fair skin, and her understated breasts and buttocks make her look even more childish. However, her sensitivity is very good and she has many erogenous zones. This time, she will experience a massage play using oil that enhances the sensitivity, which should be called the baptism of her AV. A neat female college student whose whole body feels like an erogenous zone, will she be able to shine like the actress she admires in her first AV appearance!? ?

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