261ARA-112 Recruiting-chan 111 Misaki 24 Years Old Receptionist

261ARA-112 2016-10-05 59min

Film Introduction

A graceful and elegant beauty who has the desire to "tame a man's pussy as much as possible...". Her hobby once a week is masturbating with a rotor...it seems that she gets wet when her body is touched softly. She has a beautifully cinched waist, translucent, well-shaped breasts, and beautiful nipples. Her cup size is E cup. When she takes off her panties, her hair is shaved in a vertical straight line. Her ass is also tight and beautiful. Well, first, have a deep kiss with her, and have a deep kiss where your tongue touches hers. When I gently touch her nipples, I can feel her fidgeting and saying "I feel so...". Her E-cup breasts were shaking up and down, and her nipples were starting to harden and bulge. ``It's so good...'' Every time I lick her nipples, I let out a lewd moan. She goes behind me and when I gently apply the rotor around her pussy, she lets out a voice, "Ah! Aah!! You feel so good!!" The rotor that penetrated her pussy was twitching up and down her body, causing her to cum. She presses her rotor against her pussy and starts masturbating. She pressed herself against the clit◯ squirrel and her crotch and body convulsed, saying, "I'm cumming!! I'm cumming!! It feels so good." When I pressed her rotor and stirred it with her hand, I heard the sound of her love juice leaking out... again... she came. Now it's her service time. She makes a clicking sound and sucks her buttocks with emphasis, and carefully sucks the root as well. They licked each other in a thick 69, and both of them got soaked and wet, and they also started cumming while making big and big noises. "I want to insert my dick," she says in a weak voice as she straddles herself and inserts her dick, moving her hips. The way she used her hips to get what she was looking for was amazing! ! She shook her hips vigorously and trembled as she cummed again. He grabs her breasts and violently thrusts up from under her, causing her E-cup breasts to shake violently. When I change her position to her back and insert it from her back, her pussy tightens! ! If I hold her arm down and thrust hard into her, she'll be convulsing while making her hips shake. With her legs spread open, her pussy is wet and completely exposed, and it tightens! Tighten! It feels so good to hit the inside of your vagina! ! Ahhh! A large amount of semen was shot into her mouth...she was a fierce but beautiful woman.

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