200GANA-1919 Seriously Flirty, First Shot. 1239

200GANA-1919 2019-01-07 57min

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Film Introduction

A pick-up teacher who gets a girl by flickering high rewards with suspicious content such as "talking about sushi while eating delicious sushi". Although she was about to escape, she succeeded in somehow taking her to the hotel with her favorite dogeza play. She is a female college student who usually studies art. She is a pick-up teacher who gradually softens the place while talking about sushi and art, which she is not good at, in order to get her wary. She talks about romance with Sarari, and asks various questions such as first experiences and the number of experienced people. Rina-chan, who answers indifferently, seems to have only had a clean relationship so far, and it seems that she is inexperienced or because she is inexperienced. When you remove the bra, it's ridiculously big breasts on pure white skin! The unfamiliar feeling is a modest pant voice to the innocent fellatio. The woman on top posture that moves her hips hard and the long fingers that grab the sheets tightly during the intense piston, it's nice. She had a slightly displeased face in the last facial shot, but cute Rina-chan smiles when she hears the reward. The erotic body that is different from the serious appearance was the best.

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