200GANA-2010 Seriously Flirty, First Shot. 1271 I Asked A Sales Sister Who Was Stressed At Work To Release Herself With A Horny Exercise.

200GANA-2010 2019-02-17 72min
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Film Introduction

Today is an interview about health, so I'm going to talk to a girl. Maybe it's because there are many people who work on weekdays and people who have precious days off. Since this is also a job, I decided to catch the next girl who called out to me. So, Kanna-san gave her an interview regardless of whether she wanted to leave in a hurry or was told she was in a hurry. He is a water server salesman, and he is stressed by the pressure of dealing with products that cannot be easily contracted, and the low salary that does not match it. But the contents are like tattered. This time, the theme is health, so we started with a massage that heals the tired body and mind. When I try to take care of it and try to have physical contact, she refuses and tries to go home. Even interview negotiations took a lot of time and became irrelevant, so I honestly said that I would take a naughty shoot and continued shooting. In contrast to the voluptuous breasts, I thought that the nipples were small, and I wondered if this was sensitive, but when I licked it, I had a surprisingly good reaction. I wonder if the desire was also piling up with stress. From that point on, my reasoning began to crumble, and it seemed like it was a lie that I had troubled myself until now. I'm going to say it from myself. Please go ahead, please be satisfied with the naughty exercises to your heart's content.

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