SIRO-1293 Amateur Individual Shooting, Posting. 255

SIRO-1293 2012-12-08 47min
JAV Idols

Film Introduction

A slender beauty with long black hair and a neat and clean body that everyone loves has applied for a photoshoot because she has a slutty body! Well, her looks, body, atmosphere, gestures, and words are perfect for attracting men! I'll give you Hanamaru! Are women in the world even given textbooks on how to win over men? Or does Yuriko-chan have special abilities? Yuriko-chan's popularity with men is quite high, to the point where I can't help but doubt it. Yuriko-chan's dream for the future is to ride in her Tamanokoshi! The story is about a girl who spends her days cooking and having sex, honing her skills to hold on to her stomach and balls. At first glance, she seems to be having a lot of fun pretending that she's an innocent person. "I'm so busy hanging out with my friends that I can't find a job," she said with a perfect smile, but I wonder how many of them are just friends! I'm sure the reason why she hasn't worked for a while is because if she accepts the men around her, whatever she wants will come true. A woman who is totally popular has a great status! Anyway, as a man, there's no way I can't help but be seduced by this perfect kiss. Why not eat a set meal? It's frustrating, but... I'm twitching! My dick is erect! First of all, if you taste her and gently double click on her nipples from above her clothes, Yuriko's erotic mode will be activated quickly! “The switch has turned on…///” Woooooooooo! ! I feel like I'm about to launch a missile from my crotch instead of a switch! ! Even more seductively, she twists her body and says lewd lines like ``My dick feels so good...I'm cumming~''! If you're in doubt, why not ask Yuriko-chan for help? !

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