SIRO-1912 Amateur AV Experience Shooting 699

SIRO-1912 2014-07-06 57min
JAV Idols

Film Introduction

terrible! Too dangerous! I'm Mana Koike, a transcendent hyper perfect girl ☆ "Meetable idols" are already old! I declare here that the era will undergo a paradigm shift to "feeling idols" by Mana-chan! ! She has the appearance of being in the highest caste, and she has a small face with bright eyes and a beautiful face. Her slender and delicate limbs are more beautiful than dolls, but her D-cup (still growing!?) nice boobs that you can't imagine from her style are even more eye-catching! Hmmm, it's exactly the beauty of the gods. Combined with such looks, the inside is too high level and the whole world is crying! Brightness, kindness, and caring are standard equipment, and according to the person himself, "I'm 16 years old and I still can't grow my hair". It's not that I'm acting or it's a joke, but because I'm just doing it, I can shake anyone's heart.・I can't help but call her erotic ☆ She's a character that can't compete with idols and AV actresses around here, even if anime and game characters are bundled together! It could change your life! ? After meeting with her, you will live "before" and "after" ♪ Oh God! Why did you create Mana-chan!? !

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