300MIUM-139 A Seemingly Plain Girl With Glasses From The Faculty Of Commerce Was A Perverted Girl Who Convulsed With Her Tongue Sticking Out Her Tongue. Excited For The Appearance Of A Big Cock Actor → Sudden Change! Big Penis Drooling Deep Throating! Fac

300MIUM-139 2017-10-21 73min

Film Introduction

This is a project where we travel around each university in a mobile tent and get close to modern female college students and film them having sex as part of a late-night program that asks about their sexual concerns! Our goal is to completely conquer all 137 universities in Tokyo! ! ! ■Report Report ① This time, we are starting an “immediate sex trip in a truck tent” around the traditional business university “T University”! A characteristic of T University girls is that they appear to be plain and serious, but they are actually rough. Furthermore, he has a no-weather side that works at his own pace and is loose with his time. Furthermore, there are many meetings with old men who run the business, and some of them have boyfriends who are 20 years or more older than them...! ? What kind of sexual troubles will these T University girls talk about? ! ② When asked for an interview, T University girls surprisingly answered ♪ Some of them were very open about their worries about ``boyfriends who don't want to wear rubber bands''! ! ③In the midst of all this, the person who came to the tent this time was Sakina, a 3rd year student at the Faculty of Commerce! A serious and intelligent female college student with black ponytail hair and Boston-shaped glasses. Her goal is to get a job in accounting in the future, so she seems to be busy studying every day! ④When I asked her about her seriousness, she gave me a surprising answer: ``We played around a lot in high school!'' ! At that time, after having fun with seniors and male friends, they often ended up having sex at love hotels or at home, and the number of people who had experienced it was over 20! Among them, she seemed to be most excited about the act of "open sex in the park at midnight", and a senior colleague she was close with at her part-time job asked her, "Let's take a walk in the park naked♪", so she walked completely naked in the park at night. Enjoy the walk and then straight to sex ♪ It seemed like she was so happy that she was grinning just thinking about her first public sex, ``If you think about what you'll do if someone sees you, you'll get excited, right ♪.'' Sakina-chan also got excited as she talked about her experiences at the time, and after this, she didn't even bother going to class and drank a lot of the alcohol that had been prepared for her. ⑤She has a boyfriend who has been dating for a year, but one of her worries is that her boyfriend is too indifferent. It seems like she has cheated on him with other men several times, as it happens once or twice a month. She has the style of ``I don't refuse when I'm invited!!'' and I can smell her slut smell! ! ⑥I broached the subject with her, saying, ``I know someone who's really good at sex...'' and we started negotiating for AV.Incidentally, she requested, ``I want her to be penetrated deep inside with a big dick, and it hurts and feels good♪'' In response, we decided to call one of the best big penis actors! ! While the actor is coming, the director is playing with my body and my body is burning hot! When the big penis actor arrived at the tent, she immediately checked the normal size of his dick, and she was also very excited about its size, saying, ``If you get serious, it's going to be crazy♪''! While sucking the big dick in front of her from the glans, she enters into sex with tongue twisting! ! The small breasts inside the dress were also licked, and the nipples were also licked! There are stains on her shorts and she's completely wet, and as she's being played with with fingers and toys, she loses her breath and cums all the time! Sakina herself forgot that she was in the tent and was panting! This time, unlike the previous blow job, it's an intense deep throat thrust deep into her throat! The obscene sounds echoing in the tent and the girl drooling and sucking are completely absorbed in the big dick! ! The vagina that is completely naked and waiting for insertion is overflowing with love juice! During the insertion, her vaginal walls are expanded and she turns her body upside down and flops in agony. Her cute face distorts with pleasure as she continues to ascend to the hard piston without any time to rest! ! At the end, she finishes by ejaculating thick semen on her face! ``I'm just now feeling satisfied to the highest degree♪'' I received a satisfied comment! At first glance, she is a plain and serious girl with glasses in the Faculty of Commerce, but once she turns on her, she turns out to be a perverted girl who loves big dicks.

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