MOND-184 Amazing Sister-in-Law Rieko Hiraoka

MOND-184 2020-03-12 117分(HD版:117分)

Film Introduction

I had to stay at my brother's house because I was on a business trip for several months to the area where my brother lived due to work. Her older brother's wife, Rieko, was a gentle woman and I liked her. However, I was nervous because we only met a few times a year. However, due to the shift, the day and night are reversed, so inevitably I often talk to my sister-in-law Rieko. I'm not the type to talk much, so I mostly listened to what Rieko had to say. I heard recent stories, neighborhood things, and complaints about her brother. Occasionally, the story of his life with his brother popped up, and I wondered if he wasn't satisfied. One day, when I got home on the last train because of the late-night shift, I saw Rieko-san groaning in her pitch-black room. She said she shouldn't see this and tried to go to her room, but her girlfriend, Rieko-san, found her, and the atmosphere became awkward. After that, Rieko came to my room. I told her I would keep it a secret, and she got upset. I wonder if she was confused by Rieko-san. Slowly touching her lips, I've endured her reasoning bursting open, I've been wanting her again and again until her morning...

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