SPRD-1289 I Like My Old Ex-Wife Better Than My Newer Younger Wife... Shinobu Oshima

SPRD-1289 2020-06-11 107分(HD版:107分)

Film Introduction

Several years have passed since he broke up with his ex-wife, Shinobu. I met and married my current wife. My current wife was younger than me and a little selfish, but I got married because she was cute. I'm moderately happy, but my night life is too light and I'm frustrated. Suddenly, I often remembered the actions of my ex-wife Shinobu. One day on the way home from work, I happened to meet Shinobu again. Shinobu asked if he had time and asked for tea. Luckily, I had time, so I was allowed to go up a little. When I was talking about remarriage with each other, I remembered when I was married to Shinobu. Those days when love was nurtured by repeating acts as they wanted each other. Shinobu sipped tea while talking about her new husband. When she saw that expression on her face, she was overcome with an indescribable urge and hugged Shinobu. She caresses Shinobu roughly and continues to blame Shinobu for her weaknesses, which she dislikes, and her voice of no good grows weaker. I held out my hardened cock in front of Shinobu and made him suck it. Shinobu's crotch was already ready, and I pushed it inside at once. Shinobu's dick that I tasted for the first time in a few years was incomparably better than her current wife, and I kept shaking my hips. And I tasted the best ejaculation feeling at the place where each other was high.

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