JUX-074 My Sister-in-Law - Her Heart Was Stolen at Her Husband's Parents House By Her Beautiful Sister-in-Law - Yurie Matsushima Eriko Miura

JUX-074 2013-05-19 119分(HD版:119分)

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Film Introduction

Yurie Matsushima & Eriko Miura co-star for the first time! The eldest son of the Oshima family, Yoshiyuki, and his wife, Yurie. The second son, Kei, and his wife, Eriko. It was customary for these two couples to return to their husband's birthplace only on the anniversary of the death of Toshizo, the head of the Oshima family. Burning incense at Toshizo's Buddhist altar and talking with Mitsuo, the third son of the Oshima family... This year was no different from the usual summer scenery of the Oshima family. However, Mitsuo was different. Mitsuo had a plan... A plan to plunge the two sister-in-laws into despair...

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