VDD-079 Miss Reception in... The Torture Suite - Miss Reception Mikuni (21)

VDD-079 2013-03-22 109分(HD版:109分)

Film Introduction

Mikuni Maisaki is raped and humiliated. First of all, insult fuck. SEX with the obedient and miserable receptionist who ends up getting wet when she hits a woman who doesn't know her position. Next, a mouth toilet that ends with stimulation of the crotch seat while being anguished when it is thrust into her throat in her usual work clothes. The third scene is ecstatic 3P sex. While being at the mercy of the men, the meat sticks are pierced into the mouth and buttocks that naturally devour pleasure, and the desire that oozes out while being used roughly. The last is personality destruction toy blame. She is restrained by a chair and is a dirty receptionist who continues to drown in the pleasure that springs out in a situation where she is not allowed to go freely.

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