JUFE-299 Determined 20-Year-Old Fresh Face Rin Asahi G Cup Real Idol AV Debut Rin Asahi

JUFE-299 2021-06-25 169分

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Film Introduction

Former idol G-cup 20-year-old Rin Asahi has decided to debut exclusively for Fitch! "I wonder if there's a conflict... but I feel like I've been called to this world (laughs)." Rin-chan, a former idol who retired because she couldn't get the results she wanted, even though she tried to become an idol that she had been longing for since she was a child. Close coverage of the 30 days until she makes her AV debut! We approach her 20-year-old real face and her swaying state of mind. A must-see for the finest whitening G-cup body that you didn't know when you were an idol!

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