JUL-628 Massive Madonna Exclusive Chapter 3 - First Drama Film! Made To Cum Hardest By A Man She Loathes... Megu Mio

JUL-628 2021-07-02 120分

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Film Introduction

Megu has always had a hard time with her husband's boss, Nakata. Nakata has been persuaded by Megu as her boss during her dispatched OL era, but she fends off all her invitations and marries her husband, who was in her favor. Nakata, who doesn't like her being overtaken, treats her husband terribly and rudely even in front of Megu. Unable to put up with her repeated tyranny of Nakata, Megu pours out her dissatisfaction that she has suppressed until now, but she is pushed down by the enraged Nakata and tastes the climax that loses her resistance... .

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