ADN-369 Reunion, Beautiful And Crazy. Fatal Encounter With A S*****t. A Married Woman's Tingling Flared Up Michiru Kujo

ADN-369 2021-12-31 119分

Film Introduction

Rina, a full-time housewife, was a teacher before getting married. One day, she meets her former student Seto again. Seto was depressed after losing her job. Marina comforts and encourages her student. However, contrary to her kindness, Seto begins to erupt with dark passion. Female teacher Marina, who should have cut off her thoughts, has appeared in front of her again. In broad daylight, Seto steals her husband's eyes and reveals her thoughts to her married woman Marina. Her fiercely defiant Marina is however forced to give in to her Seto's brutality.

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