HUNTB-182 Virgin Father. 18 Years Ago, I Became a Virgin Father. For 18 Years, I've been Raising my Best Friend's C***d Like a Father. I Haven't Told the Real Father Yet. I was a Virgin Back Then...

HUNTB-182 2022-01-07 217分

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18 years ago, for some reason, I decided to take over my friend's newborn daughter, and suddenly became an unmarried father (adoptive father). So she's still a virgin... I'm still a virgin now... I thought I'd explain it properly on my 18th birthday, but recently, my daughter (daughter-in-law) has grown remarkably and is defenseless, so I thought I shouldn't look at her, but I saw cancer and unintentionally got an erection. Oops... I couldn't control my impulses, so I lost my virginity with my daughter (daughter-in-law)...

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