HJ-053 Mixing In A Diuretic. The Female Homeroom Teacher Pees In Her Pants. 2 And 1/2. 2

HJ-053 2022-02-04 101分
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Film Introduction

A part-time tutor who exists mainly in the city center. Many of them who are dispatched to students' homes are female college students. While teaching, I drank the drink that was served or the bottled drink that I brought. I didn't know it was mixed with a diuretic... The urge to urinate gradually increases, but I can't shake the attitude of asking for the student's teaching...By the time I noticed, my bladder was on the verge of bursting. The pee that leaks after patience. The situation is reversed, and the student who has the upper hand turns the mobile camera mercilessly and captures the freshly leaked urine stain in front of him. And close-up the wet pants and pants relentlessly. A tutor who is made to wear underwear that reveals what she leaked and is forced to sit on her knees on a puddle of urine. There was the figure of a woman whose human dignity had been shattered.


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