CMV-169 Innocent School Idol Darkness Special Program Shameful Domaso Awakening Live Broadcast Ichika Kasagi

CMV-169 2022-06-25 116分

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Film Introduction

An underground idol who transferred to a notorious major production company when the entertainment agency she belonged to was in financial difficulties. Her first shooting site was a sexual harassment massage experience coverage in a tiny swimsuit. She is stripped of her swimsuit in front of the camera and she faints in agony at an indecent esthetic. She is reprimanded by the director for not having enough of her smile and is tickled in her punishment room. She exposes her embarrassed pig face with her face yoga so that she can smile naturally. She is chosen as the main moderator of the special program, but the content is a naughty commentary broadcast. She is dyed a masochist color with poisonous fangs.

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259LUXU-660 Luxury TV 655

259LUXU-660 Luxury TV 655

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