REBD-776 Hikari6 Memories Of Smiles, Hikari Aozora

REBD-776 2023-09-21 85分

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Film Introduction

The star of this work is Hikari Aozora, also known as Pikakin! ! She is a bright and cheerful beautiful girl with an attractive smile that shines like a clear blue sky! ! REbecca has been in the industry for a full five years, and her sixth film, REbecca, was shot on location in Okinawa, which is a tradition. Unlike past filming locations, she was blessed with good weather every day and took on the name of "Hare Onna", and her innocent and playful appearance was the best! ! In the interview, he talks about a lot of things in a refreshing tone, and one of the highlights of this work is the rare, fresh and beautiful "Gansha" that he experienced for the first time! ? There are plenty of off-shots, and JULIA-chan and Ami Tokita, who work in the same agency and are good friends in their private lives, also appear, making the talk lively. Full of the Pikakin concept of energetic, bright and fun, it is full of memories of pure smiles! !

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